Protect Your Investment With Window Tinting for Your Car

Get the job done right the first time with The Auto Enhancers in San Diego. Our experienced professionals guarantee a flawless installation, done in the shortest possible time.

Tinting the windows of your car goes beyond just personalizing your car for the perfect look:

Protect your car interior from harmful UV rays

Living in San Diego, you need a window tint designed to protect the interior of your car from damaging Ultraviolet rays, by blocking some of the daily solar bombardment. This slows down the sun bleaching process and protects your car fabrics from cracking and drying, whether they are leather, suede or fabric. It will also help to prevent the discoloration of the dash and console surfaces.

Maximize your privacy from prying eyes

Window tint improves your security and that of your passengers by preventing passersby from viewing the interior of your parked car.

Improve your gas mileage by blocking the sun’s potential to heat up your car

In addition to the added security from your car window tint, you’ll save money on gas as you keep the interior of your vehicle cooler. With auto window tinting you can turn down the A/C and still drive in comfort, while getting better gas mileage.

Protect your family's health

Window tinting also means extra UV protection for you and your passengers, which protects your eyes and skin - something worth considering given San Diego’s famous sunny disposition.

Drive safely
The reduced glare you get with auto window tinting makes you a safer driver by shielding your vision from the sun, whether you are driving at sunrise, mid-day or sunset.

Professional, expert installation by The Auto Enhancers guarantees your vehicle will remain within the state regulations, and that means you avoid the headache and expense of doing the job twice. We use the highest quality products while offering a range of options designed to suit your budget. ​We guaranteed flawless worry free installation with the minimum of down time on every make and model. 

Do it right the first time with The Auto Enhancers. Several years of experience means you get a long lasting stylish looking result that saves you money in the long run.  We’ve been around long enough for our guarantee to mean something.
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The Auto Enhancers San Diego Window Tinting & Car Wraps
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Car Window Tinting comes in a variety of shades, including California Legal Limit 70%. Window films block 99% of harmful UV rays, keep your car cooler, add privacy and security as well as improve visibility by reducing glare.


Personalize the look of your vehicle by choosing the auto tint shade options that are right for you. Be more comfortable wherever you drive by reducing heat and glare, add a sense of privacy, security, and protection. Protect your passengers and valuables while giving your car a sense of style and elegance personalized for you.

The Auto Enhancers San Diego Window Tinting & Car Wraps
Rated 4.9/5 stars based on 25 customer ratings



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