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Customize Your Vehicle

With A Vinyl Wrap Add-On


    For just a fraction of the cost of paint you can add the unique look to your vehicle you've been wanting. 3M Vinyl & Carbon-Fiber, and specialty films come in a variety of colors and finishes.


     Vinyl car wraps San Diego are very durable and weather resistant, and can be professionally applied and removed later without damaging auto paint. Quality installations are guaranteed and all material holds a manufacturer's guarantee. 

  • Hoods & Rooftop Applications
  • Interior & Exterior Trim Pieces
  • Advertising & Perforated Vinyl Applications​

​* Prices may vary depending on vehicle type, size,        labor time, and vinyl types.

Full Vehicle Wrap Scheduling Not Available At This Time. 


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One of the joys of owning an automobile is keeping it looking as good as is possible.

​Many people may have the impression that an expensive new paint job is the only way to keep the exterior of their vehicle looking great, or give it a whole new look.

In fact, there is an excellent alternative to a new paint job - a vinyl car wrap from The Auto Enhancers, here in San Diego.

A vinyl car wrap can feature customized artwork, matte colors, carbon fiber, or myriad other options that make your car as personalized and attractive as you could ever dream of.

And, on top of all that, you'll find these advantages with purchasing a vinyl car wrap:

Better protection, better resale value
​One of the downsides of paint is that it's so easily damaged: it is susceptible to damage from the elements, as well as everyday scratches.  Vinyl car wraps give your vehicle protection from all of this, including the hot San Diego sun.  In turn, the resale value of your vehicle stays higher, you even have the option of removing the vinyl wrap when you're ready to sell, and the paint underneath will have been protected.

Easy on, easy off
Getting your car painted is an ordeal.  It can be a very long process, and, if you decide that you're tired of the paint job, too bad.  Vinyl car wraps are more easily applied, and  they come off quickly and easily if you want to go back to your original paint scheme.

Advertising potential
While vinyl car wraps are a perfect medium to update the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, they also provide a slate for advertising.  Getting a vinyl wrap that spreads the word on your company is a great way to grow your business, without spending too much of your earnings on a paint job.

A trustworthy job
At The Auto Enhancers, you get only the best quality wraps and installation.  Everything is done by trained professionals, satisfaction is guaranteed, and you're given a manufacturer's warranty. 

At The Auto Enhancers, you can upgrade the exterior of your car for an affordable price, and have it looking better than ever.

The Auto Enhancers San Diego Window Tinting & Car Wraps
Rated 4.9/5 stars based on 25 customer ratings

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